Caryn Irwin-Owner/Designer                            

I love to enter into a space and see the potential of it!  I know that working alongside you as the owner or seller I can delve into your lifestyle, dreams and wishes of the space...that's when the magic will happen!

I've been rearranging and redecorating rooms all of my life...

Throughout my adult life I have been asked by family, friends and friends-of-friends to help decorate their homes and personalize their spaces.  With a loving supportive husband of 33 years, raising an amazing daughter, who is pursuing her masters degree at Purdue University, beating breast cancer and most recently the passing of my mother, my passion and love of staging and design remains.  That's why I decided to pursue my passion by actually doing this for a living by launching Staging & Redesign by Caryn.  Although my Mom passed before my big launch, I know she is always with me and encouraging me to follow my passion and do my best 

The pride I feel in helping my clients realize the potential and personal connection to their spaces is immensely rewarding.  Whether it's helping them get maximum return on investment for a real estate transaction or personalizing their existing space to make it the perfect fit I take great pride in working with them to achieve their goals.  I look forward to helping you too!

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